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Expand and clarify the docs for ApplicativeDo (#11835)

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......@@ -858,9 +858,21 @@ then the expression will only require ``Applicative``. Otherwise, the expression
will require ``Monad``. The block may return a pure expression ``E`` depending
upon the results ```` with either ``return`` or ``pure``.
Note: the final statement really must be of the form ``return E`` or
``pure E``, otherwise you get a ``Monad`` constraint. Using ``$`` as
in ``return $ E`` or ``pure $ E`` is also acceptable.
Note: the final statement must match one of these patterns exactly:
- ``return E``
- ``return $ E``
- ``pure E``
- ``pure $ E``
otherwise GHC cannot recognise it as a ``return`` statement, and the
transformation to use ``<$>`` that we saw above does not apply. In
particular, slight variations such as ``return . Just $ x`` or ``let x
= e in return x`` would not be recognised.
If the final statement is not of one of these forms, GHC falls back to
standard ``do`` desugaring, and the expression will require a
``Monad`` constraint.
When the statements of a ``do`` expression have dependencies between
them, and ``ApplicativeDo`` cannot infer an ``Applicative`` type, it
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