Commit ef993c50 authored by Thomas Schilling's avatar Thomas Schilling
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Documentation only. Clarify that 'load*' may indeed throw SourceErrors.

I don't think errors during dependency analysis should be passed to
the logger.
parent 517314ec
......@@ -659,6 +659,10 @@ data LoadHowMuch
-- | Try to load the program. Calls 'loadWithLogger' with the default
-- compiler that just immediately logs all warnings and errors.
-- This function may throw a 'SourceError' if errors are encountered before
-- the actual compilation starts (e.g., during dependency analysis).
load :: GhcMonad m => LoadHowMuch -> m SuccessFlag
load how_much =
loadWithLogger defaultWarnErrLogger how_much
......@@ -676,7 +680,11 @@ defaultWarnErrLogger (Just e) = printExceptionAndWarnings e
-- The first argument is a function that is called after compiling each
-- module to print wanrings and errors.
-- While compiling a module, all 'SourceError's are caught and passed to the
-- logger, however, this function may still throw a 'SourceError' if
-- dependency analysis failed (e.g., due to a parse error).
loadWithLogger :: GhcMonad m => WarnErrLogger -> LoadHowMuch -> m SuccessFlag
loadWithLogger logger how_much = do
-- Dependency analysis first. Note that this fixes the module graph:
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