Commit f1915bd7 authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow
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fix scoping issues with mdo (test dynbrk004)

parent 9c6014db
......@@ -266,12 +266,10 @@ addTickHsExpr (HsLet binds e) =
(addTickHsLocalBinds binds) -- to think about: !patterns.
(bindLocals (map unLoc $ collectLocalBinders binds) $
addTickLHsExprNeverOrAlways e)
addTickHsExpr (HsDo cxt stmts last_exp srcloc) =
liftM4 HsDo
(return cxt)
(addTickLStmts forQual stmts)
(addTickLHsExpr last_exp)
(return srcloc)
addTickHsExpr (HsDo cxt stmts last_exp srcloc) = do
(stmts', last_exp') <- addTickLStmts' forQual stmts
(addTickLHsExpr last_exp)
return (HsDo cxt stmts' last_exp' srcloc)
forQual = case cxt of
ListComp -> Just QualBinBox
......@@ -368,68 +366,59 @@ addTickGRHSs isOneOfMany (GRHSs guarded local_binds) = do
addTickGRHS :: Bool -> GRHS Id -> TM (GRHS Id)
addTickGRHS isOneOfMany (GRHS stmts expr) = do
(stmts',expr') <- addTickLStmts' (Just $ GuardBinBox) stmts []
(stmts',expr') <- addTickLStmts' (Just $ GuardBinBox) stmts
(if opt_Hpc then addTickLHsExprOptAlt isOneOfMany expr
else addTickLHsExprAlways expr)
return $ GRHS stmts' expr'
addTickLStmts :: (Maybe (Bool -> BoxLabel)) -> [LStmt Id] -> TM [LStmt Id]
addTickLStmts isGuard stmts = do
(stmts',_) <- addTickLStmts' isGuard stmts [] (return ())
return stmts'
addTickLStmts' :: (Maybe (Bool -> BoxLabel)) -> [LStmt Id]
-> [LStmt Id] -> TM a -> TM ([LStmt Id], a)
addTickLStmts' isGuard [] acc do_rhs = do
rhs <- do_rhs
return (reverse acc, rhs)
addTickLStmts' isGuard (s:ss) acc do_rhs = do
(s', binders) <- addTickLStmt isGuard s
bindLocals binders $ addTickLStmts' isGuard ss (s':acc) do_rhs
addTickLStmt isGuard (L pos stmt) = do
(stmt',vars) <- addTickStmt isGuard stmt
return (L pos stmt', vars)
addTickStmt :: (Maybe (Bool -> BoxLabel)) -> Stmt Id -> TM (Stmt Id, [Id])
(stmts, _) <- addTickLStmts' isGuard stmts (return ())
return stmts
addTickLStmts' :: (Maybe (Bool -> BoxLabel)) -> [LStmt Id] -> TM a
-> TM ([LStmt Id], a)
addTickLStmts' isGuard lstmts res
= bindLocals binders $ do
lstmts' <- mapM (liftL (addTickStmt isGuard)) lstmts
a <- res
return (lstmts', a)
binders = map unLoc (collectLStmtsBinders lstmts)
addTickStmt :: (Maybe (Bool -> BoxLabel)) -> Stmt Id -> TM (Stmt Id)
addTickStmt isGuard (BindStmt pat e bind fail) = do
e <- liftM4 BindStmt
liftM4 BindStmt
(addTickLPat pat)
(addTickLHsExprAlways e)
(addTickSyntaxExpr hpcSrcSpan bind)
(addTickSyntaxExpr hpcSrcSpan fail)
return (e, collectPatBinders pat)
addTickStmt isGuard (ExprStmt e bind' ty) = do
e <- liftM3 ExprStmt
liftM3 ExprStmt
(addTick e)
(addTickSyntaxExpr hpcSrcSpan bind')
(return ty)
return (e, [])
addTick e | Just fn <- isGuard = addBinTickLHsExpr fn e
| otherwise = addTickLHsExprAlways e
addTickStmt isGuard (LetStmt binds) = do
let binders = map unLoc (collectLocalBinders binds)
e <- liftM LetStmt
(bindLocals binders $ addTickHsLocalBinds binds)
return (e, binders)
liftM LetStmt
(addTickHsLocalBinds binds)
addTickStmt isGuard (ParStmt pairs) = do
e <- liftM ParStmt (mapM process pairs)
return (e, [])
liftM ParStmt (mapM process pairs)
process (stmts,ids) =
liftM2 (,)
(addTickLStmts isGuard stmts)
(return ids)
addTickStmt isGuard (RecStmt stmts ids1 ids2 tys dictbinds) = do
e <- liftM5 RecStmt
liftM5 RecStmt
(addTickLStmts isGuard stmts)
(return ids1)
(return ids2)
(return tys)
(addTickDictBinds dictbinds)
return (e,[])
addTickHsLocalBinds :: HsLocalBinds Id -> TM (HsLocalBinds Id)
addTickHsLocalBinds (HsValBinds binds) =
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