Commit f2935c84 authored by Ian Lynagh's avatar Ian Lynagh
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Remove UseGcc makefile var

It couldn't be overridden, and was defined as YES.
parent 3549fd15
......@@ -540,15 +540,10 @@ endif
# the flag --with-gcc=<blah> instead. The reason is that the configure script
# needs to know which gcc you're using in order to perform its tests.
UseGcc = YES
WhatGccIsCalled = @WhatGccIsCalled@
GccVersion = @GccVersion@
GccLT34 = @GccLT34@
ifneq "$(strip $(UseGcc))" "YES"
CC = cc
CC = $(WhatGccIsCalled)
GccLT34 = @GccLT34@
CC = $(WhatGccIsCalled)
# C compiler and linker flags from configure (e.g. -m<blah> to select
# correct C compiler backend). The stage number is the stage of GHC
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