Commit f2bad7e1 authored by Ömer Sinan Ağacan's avatar Ömer Sinan Ağacan Committed by Ben Gamari

Rename "changed" to "no-change" in HscMain

hscSimpleIface is returning a bool for whether there were _no changes_
in the iface file. The same bool is called "no_change_at_all" in
mkIface_, and "no_change" in hscWriteIface and other functions. However
it is called "changed" in HscMain.finish and hscMaybeWriteIface, which
is confusing because "changed" and "no_change" have opposite meanings.
This patch renames "changed" to "no_change" to fix this.

Reviewers: simonpj, bgamari

Reviewed By: bgamari

Subscribers: rwbarton, carter

Differential Revision:
parent 7d96d281
......@@ -743,10 +743,10 @@ finish summary tc_result mb_old_hash = do
(_, HsBootFile) -> HscUpdateBoot
(_, HsigFile) -> HscUpdateSig
_ -> panic "finish"
(iface, changed, details) <- liftIO $
(iface, no_change, details) <- liftIO $
hscSimpleIface hsc_env tc_result mb_old_hash
return (iface, changed, details, hsc_status)
(iface, changed, details, hsc_status) <-
return (iface, no_change, details, hsc_status)
(iface, no_change, details, hsc_status) <-
-- we usually desugar even when we are not generating code, otherwise
-- we would miss errors thrown by the desugaring (see #10600). The only
-- exceptions are when the Module is Ghc.Prim or when
......@@ -761,25 +761,25 @@ finish summary tc_result mb_old_hash = do
else do
plugins <- liftIO $ readIORef (tcg_th_coreplugins tc_result)
desugared_guts <- hscSimplify' plugins desugared_guts0
(iface, changed, details, cgguts) <-
(iface, no_change, details, cgguts) <-
liftIO $ hscNormalIface hsc_env desugared_guts mb_old_hash
return (iface, changed, details, HscRecomp cgguts summary)
return (iface, no_change, details, HscRecomp cgguts summary)
else mk_simple_iface
liftIO $ hscMaybeWriteIface dflags iface changed summary
liftIO $ hscMaybeWriteIface dflags iface no_change summary
( hsc_status
, HomeModInfo
{hm_details = details, hm_iface = iface, hm_linkable = Nothing})
hscMaybeWriteIface :: DynFlags -> ModIface -> Bool -> ModSummary -> IO ()
hscMaybeWriteIface dflags iface changed summary =
hscMaybeWriteIface dflags iface no_change summary =
let force_write_interface = gopt Opt_WriteInterface dflags
write_interface = case hscTarget dflags of
HscNothing -> False
HscInterpreted -> False
_ -> True
in when (write_interface || force_write_interface) $
hscWriteIface dflags iface changed summary
hscWriteIface dflags iface no_change summary
-- NoRecomp handlers
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