Commit f4eaa144 authored by simonpj's avatar simonpj
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[project @ 2005-02-02 13:28:29 by simonpj]

Tidy output
parent 459db29a
......@@ -1346,10 +1346,10 @@ cyclicModuleErr ms
= hang (ptext SLIT("Module imports form a cycle for modules:"))
2 (vcat (map show_one ms))
show_one ms = vcat [show_mod (ms_hsc_src ms) (ms_mod ms),
ptext SLIT("Imports:") <+>
(pp_imps HsBootFile (ms_srcimps ms)
$$ pp_imps HsSrcFile (ms_imps ms))]
show_one ms = sep [ show_mod (ms_hsc_src ms) (ms_mod ms),
nest 2 $ ptext SLIT("imports:") <+>
(pp_imps HsBootFile (ms_srcimps ms)
$$ pp_imps HsSrcFile (ms_imps ms))]
show_mod hsc_src mod = ppr mod <> text (hscSourceString hsc_src)
pp_imps src mods = fsep (map (show_mod src) mods)
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