Commit f67a8b85 authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow
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Continue by jumping to the top-of-stack after a safe foreign call

parent 22d58229
......@@ -897,7 +897,7 @@ live across the call. Our job now is to expand the call so we get
| BaseReg = resumeThread(token)
| R1 = r -- copyOut
| jump L1
| jump Sp[0]
r = R1 -- copyIn, inserted by mkSafeCall
......@@ -928,15 +928,17 @@ lowerSafeForeignCall dflags block
mkAssign (CmmGlobal BaseReg) (CmmReg (CmmLocal new_base)) <*>
caller_load <*>
loadThreadState dflags load_tso load_stack
-- Note: The successor must be a procpoint, and we have already split,
-- so we use a jump, not a branch.
succLbl = CmmLit (CmmLabel (infoTblLbl succ))
(ret_args, regs, copyout) = copyOutOflow NativeReturn Jump (Young succ)
(map (CmmReg . CmmLocal) res)
updfr (0, [])
jump = CmmCall { cml_target = succLbl
-- NB. after resumeThread returns, the top-of-stack probably contains
-- the stack frame for succ, but it might not: if the current thread
-- received an exception during the call, then the stack might be
-- different. Hence we continue by jumping to the top stack frame,
-- not by jumping to succ.
jump = CmmCall { cml_target = CmmLoad (CmmReg spReg) bWord
, cml_cont = Just succ
, cml_args_regs = regs
, cml_args = widthInBytes wordWidth
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