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......@@ -217,8 +217,8 @@ Compiler
and much more. See the :ref:`user guide <dynflags_plugins>` for
more details as well as an example.
- Deprecated flag :ghc-flag:`-fmax-pmcheck-iterations` in favor of
:ghc-flag:`-fmax-pmcheck-models`, which uses a completely different mechanism.
- Deprecated flag ``-fmax-pmcheck-iterations`` in favor of
:ghc-flag:`-fmax-pmcheck-models=⟨n⟩`, which uses a completely different mechanism.
......@@ -207,21 +207,32 @@ Furthermore GHC lets you specify the way event log data (see :rts-flag:`-l
To use an :c:type:`EventLogWriter` the RTS API provides the following functions:
.. c:func:: enum EventLogStatus eventLogStatus(void)
.. c:function:: EventLogStatus eventLogStatus(void)
Query whether the current runtime system supports the eventlog (e.g. whether
the current executable was linked with :ghc-flag:`-eventlog`) and, if it
is supported, whether it is currently logging.
.. c:func:: bool startEventLogging(const EventLogWriter *writer)
.. c:function:: bool startEventLogging(const EventLogWriter *writer)
Start logging events to the given :c:type:`EventLogWriter`. Returns true on
success or false is another writer has already been configured.
.. c:func:: void endEventLogging()
.. c:function:: void endEventLogging()
Tear down the active :c:type:`EventLogWriter`.
where the ``enum`` :c:type:`EventLogStatus` is:
.. c:type:: EventLogStatus
* ``EVENTLOG_NOT_SUPPORTED``: The runtime system wasn't compiled with
eventlog support.
* ``EVENTLOG_NOT_CONFIGURED``: An :c:type:`EventLogWriter` has not yet been
* ``EVENTLOG_RUNNING``: An :c:type:`EventLogWriter` has been configured and
is running.
.. _rts-options-misc:
......@@ -372,7 +383,7 @@ performance.
collections. Under this collection strategy oldest-generation garbage
collection can proceed concurrently with mutation.
Note that :rts-flag:`-nonmoving-gc` cannot be used with ``-G1``,
Note that :rts-flag:`--nonmoving-gc` cannot be used with ``-G1``,
:rts-flag:`profiling <-hc>` nor :rts-flag:`-c`.
.. rts-flag:: -xn
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