Commit f8b4696c authored by dterei's avatar dterei
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Remove dead function.

parent a5aea1ae
......@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ module CgInfoTbls (
infoTable, infoTableClosureType,
infoTablePtrs, infoTableNonPtrs,
funInfoTable, makeRelativeRefTo
) where
......@@ -386,25 +386,3 @@ emitInfoTableAndCode
emitInfoTableAndCode entry_ret_lbl info args blocks
= emitProc info entry_ret_lbl args blocks
-- Position independent code
-- In order to support position independent code, we mustn't put absolute
-- references into read-only space. Info tables in the tablesNextToCode
-- case must be in .text, which is read-only, so we doctor the CmmLits
-- to use relative offsets instead.
-- Note that this is done even when the -fPIC flag is not specified,
-- as we want to keep binary compatibility between PIC and non-PIC.
makeRelativeRefTo :: CLabel -> CmmLit -> CmmLit
makeRelativeRefTo info_lbl (CmmLabel lbl)
| tablesNextToCode
= CmmLabelDiffOff lbl info_lbl 0
makeRelativeRefTo info_lbl (CmmLabelOff lbl off)
| tablesNextToCode
= CmmLabelDiffOff lbl info_lbl off
makeRelativeRefTo _ lit = lit
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