Commit fa3a95ae authored by Clemens Fruhwirth's avatar Clemens Fruhwirth
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Add installPackage to dependencies of make.library.* as it's used by the rule

parent 88e09197
......@@ -275,7 +275,7 @@ stamp/$(CONFIGURE_STAMP_EXTRAS).%: %/setup/Setup
# every time.
$(foreach SUBDIR,$(SUBDIRS),make.library.$(SUBDIR)):\
make.library.%: stamp/$(CONFIGURE_STAMP_EXTRAS).% \
%/setup/Setup ifBuildable/ifBuildable
%/setup/Setup ifBuildable/ifBuildable installPackage/installPackage
if ifBuildable/ifBuildable $*; then \
cd $* && \
cmp -s ../Makefile.local Makefile.local || cp ../Makefile.local .; \
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