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Comments only, about polykinded TyConApps

See Trac #15704 comment:8ff
parent eb46345d
......@@ -888,6 +888,17 @@ Note that
* One better way is to ensure that type patterns (the template
in the matching process) have no casts. See Trac #14119.
Note [Polykinded tycon applications]
Suppose T :: forall k. Type -> K
and we are unifying
ty1: T @Type Int :: Type
ty2: T @(Type->Type) Int Int :: Type
These two TyConApps have the same TyCon at the front but they
(legitimately) have different numbers of arguments. They
are surelyApart, so we can report that without looking any
further (see Trac #15704).
-------------- unify_ty: the main workhorse -----------
......@@ -1025,7 +1036,8 @@ unify_tys env orig_xs orig_ys
= do { unify_ty env x y (mkNomReflCo $ typeKind x)
; go xs ys }
go _ _ = surelyApart
-- Possibly different saturations of a polykinded tycon (See Trac #15704)
-- Possibly different saturations of a polykinded tycon
-- See Note [Polykinded tycon applications]
uVar :: UMEnv
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