Commit ffcdd84f authored by niteria's avatar niteria Committed by Austin Seipp

Sort field labels before fingerprint hashing

`fsEnvElts :: FastStringEnv a -> [a]` returns a list of `[a]` in the order of
`Unique`s which is arbitrary. In this case it gives a list of record fields in
arbitrary order, from which we then extract the field labels to contribute to
the record fingerprint. The arbitrary ordering of field labels introduces
unnecessary nondeterminism in interface files as demonstrated by the test case.

We sort `FastString` here. It's safe, because the only way that the `Unique`
associated with the `FastString` is used in comparison is for equality. If the
`Unique`s are different it fallbacks to comparing the actual `ByteString`.

Reviewed By: ezyang, thomie, bgamari, austin

Differential Revision:

GHC Trac Issues: #4012
parent dc134673
......@@ -174,6 +174,22 @@ use `deriving' because we want {\em precise} control of ordering
(equality on @Uniques@ is v common).
-- Note [Unique Determinism]
-- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
-- The order of allocated @Uniques@ is not stable across rebuilds.
-- The main reason for that is that typechecking interface files pulls
-- @Uniques@ from @UniqSupply@ and the interface file for the module being
-- currently compiled can, but doesn't have to exist.
-- It gets more complicated if you take into account that the interface
-- files are loaded lazily and that building multiple files at once has to
-- work for any subset of interface files present. When you add parallelism
-- this makes @Uniques@ hopelessly random.
-- As such, to get deterministic builds, the order of the allocated
-- @Uniques@ should not affect the final result.
-- see also wiki/DeterministicBuilds
eqUnique, ltUnique, leUnique :: Unique -> Unique -> Bool
eqUnique (MkUnique u1) (MkUnique u2) = u1 == u2
ltUnique (MkUnique u1) (MkUnique u2) = u1 < u2
......@@ -1700,7 +1700,14 @@ tyConToIfaceDecl env tycon
ifaceOverloaded flds = case fsEnvElts flds of
fl:_ -> flIsOverloaded fl
[] -> False
ifaceFields flds = map flLabel $ fsEnvElts flds
ifaceFields flds = sort $ map flLabel $ fsEnvElts flds
-- We need to sort the labels because they come out
-- of FastStringEnv in arbitrary order, because
-- FastStringEnv is keyed on Uniques.
-- Sorting FastString is ok here, because Uniques
-- are only used for equality checks in the Ord
-- instance for FastString.
-- See Note [Unique Determinism] in Unique.
toIfaceBang :: TidyEnv -> HsImplBang -> IfaceBang
toIfaceBang _ HsLazy = IfNoBang
module A where
-- This is a repro for the issue where to fingerprint a record, field labels
-- were pulled from FastStringEnv in the order of Uniques which are known
-- to have arbitrary order - see Note [Unique Determinism] in Unique.
data B = C
{ e :: ()
, d :: ()
include $(TOP)/mk/
include $(TOP)/mk/
TEST_HC_OPTS_NO_RECOMP = $(filter-out -fforce-recomp,$(TEST_HC_OPTS))
$(RM) A.hi A.o
$(CP) A.hi A.old.hi
$(RM) A.o
diff A.hi A.old.hi
extra_clean(['A.o', 'A.hi', 'A.old.hi']),
['$MAKE -s --no-print-directory determ002'])
[1 of 1] Compiling A ( A.hs, A.o )
[1 of 1] Compiling A ( A.hs, A.o )
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