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    • nfrisby's avatar
      ticky enhancements · 460abd75
      nfrisby authored
        * the new StgCmmArgRep module breaks a dependency cycle; I also
          untabified it, but made no real changes
        * updated the documentation in the wiki and change the user guide to
          point there
        * moved the allocation enters for ticky and CCS to after the heap check
          * I left LDV where it was, which was before the heap check at least
            once, since I have no idea what it is
        * standardized all (active?) ticky alloc totals to bytes
        * in order to avoid double counting StgCmmLayout.adjustHpBackwards
          no longer bumps ALLOC_HEAP_ctr
        * I resurrected the SLOW_CALL counters
          * the new module StgCmmArgRep breaks cyclic dependency between
            Layout and Ticky (which the SLOW_CALL counters cause)
          * renamed them SLOW_CALL_fast_<pattern> and VERY_SLOW_CALL
        * added ALLOC_RTS_ctr and _tot ticky counters
          * eg allocation by Storage.c:allocate or a BUILD_PAP in stg_ap_*_info
          * resurrected ticky counters for ALLOC_THK, ALLOC_PAP, and
          * added -ticky and -DTICKY_TICKY in ways.mk for debug ways
        * added a ticky counter for total LNE entries
        * new flags for ticky: -ticky-allocd -ticky-dyn-thunk -ticky-LNE
          * all off by default
          * -ticky-allocd: tracks allocation *of* closure in addition to
             allocation *by* that closure
          * -ticky-dyn-thunk tracks dynamic thunks as if they were functions
          * -ticky-LNE tracks LNEs as if they were functions
        * updated the ticky report format, including making the argument
          categories (more?) accurate again
        * the printed name for things in the report include the unique of
          their ticky parent as well as if they are not top-level
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    • ian@well-typed.com's avatar
      Change how we handle libffi · b30015e7
      ian@well-typed.com authored
      I think overall the new approach is simpler. Rather than unpacking
      the libffi.a and putting the .o files into our libHSrts.a, we just
      use the libffi.a.
      This change also means that when compiling programs for the dyn
      way, they get explicitly linked against libffi.so (rather than
      relying on librts.so being linked against it). This might
      fix a problem on FreeBSD, where programs cannot find libffi.so.
  11. 22 Mar, 2013 2 commits
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    • PHO's avatar
      Enable Opt_PIC for the dyn way regardless of OSes. · 84df08de
      PHO authored
      We were previously enabling Opt_PIC on certain OSes namely Windows,
      Darwin and Linux, but it should always be enabled for the dyn way
      because it makes no sense to try to generate non-PIC dynamic
      libraries, which is usually impossible.
    • PHO's avatar
      Remove a bitrotted hack for OpenBSD and NetBSD regarding the dyn way. · ae3dcaf5
      PHO authored
      On OpenBSD and NetBSD, we were accidentally passing "-optl-pthread" to
      the gcc to build dynamic libraries because of a bitrotted hack for
      those OSes, which resulted in a weird situation where every dynamic
      library is named "ptl-pthread" and placed at "$(TOP)".
      The hack in question were to work around a linkage problem with
      libHSffi, but we no longer build it and just use libffi these days so
      the hack can safely be removed.
    • ian@well-typed.com's avatar
      Remove readIface's unused argument · c84001d5
      ian@well-typed.com authored
  14. 16 Mar, 2013 2 commits