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      NCG: Fix Typo in Register Allocator Loop Patch · 17fc6271
      wolfgang.thaller@gmx.net authored
      Fix previous patch "NCG: Handle loops in register allocator"
      Of course, I broke it when correcting a style problem just before committing.
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      NCG: Handle loops in register allocator · 34f992d3
      wolfgang.thaller@gmx.net authored
      Fill in the missing parts in the register allocator so that it can
      handle loops.
      *) The register allocator now runs in the UniqSuppy monad, as it needs
         to be able to generate unique labels for fixup code blocks.
      *) A few functions have been added to RegAllocInfo:
      	mkRegRegMoveInstr -- generates a good old move instruction
      	mkBranchInstr     -- used to be MachCodeGen.genBranch
      	patchJump         -- Change the destination of a jump
      *) The register allocator now makes sure that only one spill slot is used
         for each temporary, even if it is spilled and reloaded several times.
         This obviates the need for memory-to-memory moves in fixup code.
      *) The case where the fixup code needs to cyclically permute a group of
         registers is currently unhandled. This will need more work once we come
         accross code where this actually happens.
      *) Register allocation for code with loop is probably very inefficient
         (both at compile-time and at run-time).
      *) We still cannot compile the RTS via NCG, for various other reasons.
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