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      Make the front panel compile again, submitted by Duncan Coutts
      <duncan.coutts@worc.ox.ac.uk>.  From his email:
      Attached is a patch to port the GHC RTS font panel to Gtk+ 2.x rather
      than the obsolete Gtk+ 1.2.
      There were basically two changes needed. Change the configure check to
      look for the pkg-config utility rather than the old gtk-config. At it's
      just checking for Gtk+ 2.0 or later. It may be that the new code
      actually needs a slightly later version than that. I'm not quite sure.
      The other change was to convert the ghc-fontpanel.glade file to the
      glade-2 format using the libglade-convert script and then to re-generate
      the C code for constructing the GUI, that is the Vis*.c Vis*.h files in
      The front panel has been bit-rotting for quite some time so it has not
      kept up with changes in the rts structures. So I had to comment out
      references to 3 bits that no longer exist. I've left FIXMEs in the code
      at the appropriate places so that someone wiser than me can make the
      appropriate changes.
      So the thing does now build though I have no doubt that it will not run,
      or at least will not do the right thing because it has not yet been
      updated to the current state of the rts. However hopefully now that it
      is at least buildable with a modern Gtk+ version someone else might be
      able to fix it up.
      This also relates to trac ticket #599:
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