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      Update dependencies · ec37da26
      Ian Lynagh authored
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      Update dependencies · 9f29c9a2
      Ian Lynagh authored
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      Simplified serialization of IfaceTyCon, again · 0a882747
      batterseapower authored
      Jose's patch implementing kind-polymorphic core (09015be8) reverted many of the simplifying changes to interface file TyCon serialization I had made in a previous patch (5d7173f9). Based on the diff I think this was an unintended consequence of how Jose did the merge rather than a real change he intended to make.
      In fact, as a result of kind-polymorphic core we don't need to treat the Any TyCon specially any longer so my old simplifying changes can be made even simpler: IfaceTyCon is now just a newtype on IfaceExtName.
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      Remove support for CTYPE pragmas on type synonyms · 544926d7
      Ian Lynagh authored
      It's not clear whether it's desirable or not, and it turns out that
      the way we use coercions in GHC means we tend to lose information
      about type synonyms.
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