1. 16 Nov, 1999 1 commit
  2. 15 Oct, 1999 1 commit
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      [project @ 1999-10-15 11:02:06 by sewardj] · dfb12323
      sewardj authored
      Added basic support for foreign export dynamic.
      Many aspects of it are still broken:
      * Only supports x86-linux.
      * The range of allowable types is small: Char Int Float Double
        Addr and Word.
      * Adjustor thunks are never freed.
      * Returning Doubles or Floats doesn't work at all.
      I expect to fix some of these shortly.  foreign import also
      needs redoing, so it can accept any number of arguments of
      any type.
      * Fixed setRtsFlags in Evaluator.c to make it endian-independent.
      * Fixed raisePrim in Evaluator.c so things like division by zero,
        array index errors, etc, throw an exception instead of
        terminating StgHugs.  raisePrim is renamed makeErrorCall.
  3. 07 Jun, 1999 1 commit
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      [project @ 1999-06-07 17:22:31 by sewardj] · 820f09b2
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      Many changes needed to support loading of GHC compiled code.  The main
      changes are to parser.y and interface.c to load .hi files and create
      appropriate symbol table entries.  Also, interface.c has the
      beginnings of and ELF loader/linker in it.
  4. 27 Apr, 1999 1 commit
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      [project @ 1999-04-27 10:06:47 by sewardj] · b9ad54f9
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      Changes to improve runtime performance of STG Hugs.
      -- Reorganisation of the evaluator (Evaluator.c).
      -- Changes to code emission (Assembler.c) to support peephole opts
      -- An experimental simplifier (optimise.c).
      -- Many supporting bug fixes and minor changes.
      -- Experimental implementation of integer for standalone hugs (sainteger.c).
  5. 09 Mar, 1999 1 commit
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      [project @ 1999-03-09 14:51:03 by sewardj] · 9da01c71
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      Many improvements resulting from first attempt to run nofib suite:
      -- More libraries (lib/*.hs) brought into operation
      -- Prelude error handling and basic I/O improved
      -- Changed bytecode immediate value fields so large constant
      --   tables can be compiled
      -- Fixed bugs: translation of FATBAR, negative floating point
      --   literals, strict constructors, handling of CAFs
  6. 01 Mar, 1999 1 commit
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