1. 10 Feb, 2005 8 commits
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      [project @ 2005-02-10 13:38:50 by simonmar] · c43539c3
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      [project @ 2005-02-10 13:38:35 by simonmar] · 394394f9
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      Fix library installation: we now install libraries *unless*
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      [project @ 2005-02-10 13:01:52 by simonmar] · e7c3f957
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      GC changes: instead of threading old-generation mutable lists
      through objects in the heap, keep it in a separate flat array.
      This has some advantages:
        - the IND_OLDGEN object is now only 2 words, so the minimum
          size of a THUNK is now 2 words instead of 3.  This saves
          some amount of allocation (about 2% on average according to
          my measurements), and is more friendly to the cache by
          squashing objects together more.
        - keeping the mutable list separate from the IND object
          will be necessary for our multiprocessor implementation.
        - removing the mut_link field makes the layout of some objects
          more uniform, leading to less complexity and special cases.
        - I also unified the two mutable lists (mut_once_list and mut_list)
          into a single mutable list, which lead to more simplifications
          in the GC.
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      [project @ 2005-02-10 12:35:21 by ross] · 0c4c6606
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      xrefs to Cabal docs
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      [project @ 2005-02-10 07:01:45 by wolfgang] · 5c26ae92
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      Fix previous commit. Got distracted, thought I had already tested.
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      [project @ 2005-02-10 05:46:46 by wolfgang] · 14a0bb7e
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      Fix Mac OS X-specific breakage introduced by rev. 1.67 of ghc/includes/Stg.h.
      Adding the used attribute to static functions caused gcc to emit
      Apple-specific .no_dead_strip directives, which messed things up.
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      [project @ 2005-02-10 04:58:09 by wolfgang] · 9449208e
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      Add a special case for Mac OS X to FP_PROG_AR_NEEDS_RANLIB.
      On Mac OS X, we need to run ranlib after installing .a files because
      they contain a timestamp which will be outdated after installing.
      We could do a proper test for that, but it would contain the command
      'sleep 6' and still apply only to one platform.
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      [project @ 2005-02-10 03:08:26 by wolfgang] · 4bc08007
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      PowerPC: mangler trouble again
  2. 09 Feb, 2005 4 commits
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  4. 07 Feb, 2005 7 commits
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      [project @ 2005-02-07 14:05:25 by simonmar] · 9803f480
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      Fix doc building for binary distributions
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      [project @ 2005-02-07 13:51:26 by simonpj] · 861aaf19
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      Missing commit from the module A export list commit
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      [project @ 2005-02-07 12:16:50 by simonpj] · 3ab57e45
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      	Switch off derivable type class generation by default
      	Merge to STABLE
      This commit switches off the generation of the support code for 'Derivable
      Type Classes' by default.  Use -fgenerics to switch it on.
      Motivation: seldom used, and there's a nasty blowup in Core types for data
      types that have lots of constructors or lots of fields.
      We now put -fgenerics in the GhcLibOpts, so that the libraries have the
      support code, as before.
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      [project @ 2005-02-07 12:07:21 by simonpj] · 233b831b
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      	Improve unused-import warnings
      	Merge to STABLE
      This commit improves the warning messages for unused imports, in the
      case where the 'module A' form is used in an export list.
      In doing this, I've realised that the unused-import checking is deficient
      in several ways.  At least
      	a) it doesn't recognise that there might be several import statements
      	   for the same module (TcRnTypes.imp_mods has only one entry per
      	b) it doesn't understand about qualified modules at all
      	c) even more fundamentally, it starts from the used Names,
      	   but if the module mentions (say) aliases M.f and N.f for
      	   the same Name, then two imports might be necessary for it
      I'm not going to fix these problems now; this message just records them.
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      [project @ 2005-02-07 11:13:35 by simonmar] · f026ced9
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      Mention that GHC is required for building GHC.
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      [project @ 2005-02-07 11:11:33 by simonmar] · c6fd65f1
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      Point directly to the Building Guide from here.
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      [project @ 2005-02-07 09:55:54 by simonpj] · e25528e6
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      Better documentation for unboxed types; merge to STABLE
  5. 04 Feb, 2005 7 commits
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      [project @ 2005-02-04 17:36:47 by simonpj] · b8802cd2
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      Wibble to message
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      [project @ 2005-02-04 17:24:01 by simonpj] · c36a2f9b
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      	Report top-level implicit parameter errors more nicely
          module Main where
      	main = let ?x = 5 in print foo
      	foo = woggle 3
      	woggle :: (?x :: Int) => Int -> Int
      	woggle y = ?x + y
      GHC's current rules say that 'foo' is monomorphic, so we get
      	foo :: Int
      but we also get an unbound top-level constraint (?x::Int).  GHC 6.2 emits a
      message like:
           Unbound implicit parameter (?x::Int)
           arising from use of `woggle' at ...
      because we don't have a top-level binding form for implicit parameters.
      So it's stupid for 'foo' to be monomorphic.
      This commit improves matters by giving a much nicer error message:
           Implicit parameters escape from the monomorphic top-level binding(s) of `foo':
             ?x::Int arising from use of `woggle' at tcfail130.hs:10:6-11
           Probably fix: add type signatures for the top-level binding(s)
           When generalising the type(s) for `foo'
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      [project @ 2005-02-04 15:43:28 by simonpj] · 6ac3317e
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      Respect --exclude-module in ghc -M; some tidying up as well
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      [project @ 2005-02-04 15:42:54 by simonpj] · 6df9942f
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      Comments and type sig
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      [project @ 2005-02-04 13:36:27 by simonmar] · c592dcee
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      The HEAD is now 6.5
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      [project @ 2005-02-04 13:32:28 by simonmar] · a304af45
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      In the fragments of Haskell code which setup buffering and flushing
      for the std Handles in GHCi, qualify names with System.IO rather than IO.
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      [project @ 2005-02-04 11:58:23 by simonmar] · fdfdac78
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      Need to add -I. when compiling with GHC 6.3+
  6. 03 Feb, 2005 4 commits
  7. 02 Feb, 2005 7 commits