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      Build system: cleanup BUILD_DIRS + add lots of Notes · 8be43dd9
      Thomas Miedema authored
      See Note [CrossCompiling vs Stage1Only] in mk/config.mk.in.
      See Note [Stage1Only vs stage=1] in mk/config.mk.in.
      See Note [No stage2 packages when CrossCompiling or Stage1Only].
        * use stage2 to build mkUserGuidePart, as was probably intended.
          Now the following represent the same set of packages:
          - packages that we build with ghc-stage2
          - packages that depend on the ghc library
          Those packages are: haddock, mkUserGuidePart and ghctags.
        * don't let utils that don't depend on the ghc library depend on its
          package-data.mk file. Instead, let those utils directly depend on
          the package-data.mk files of the stage1 packages. Not sure if it
          improves anything, but I found it easier to explain what's going on
          this way.
      (partially) reviewed by: austin
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.haskell.org/D1218
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      Automatically add the $(exeext) to program names · 2b85372c
      ian@well-typed.com authored
      We now define _PROGNAME, and _PROG is automatically defined with
      $(exeext). This will shortly automatically use the right exeext
      depending on what stage it is being compiled with (exeext may be
      different for different stages when cross-compiling).
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      Build the dynamic way by default on Linux/amd64 · 898cb090
      ian@well-typed.com authored
      This required various build system changes to get the build to go
      In the inplace shell wrappers, we set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to allow programs
      to find their libraries. In the future, we might change the inplace tree
      to be the same shape as an installed tree instead. However, this would
      mean changing the way we do installation, as currently we use cabal's
      installation methods to install the libraries, but that only works if
      the libraries are under libraries/foo/dist-install/build/..., rather
      than in inplace/lib/...
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      Fix mkUserGuidePart deps · 896135d0
      Ian Lynagh authored
      We need to directly depend on the stage1 libs. The stage1 compiler lib
      doesn't depend on them.
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