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      Change the calling conventions for unboxed tuples slightly · 02620e7c
      Simon Marlow authored
      When returning an unboxed tuple with a single non-void component, we
      now use the same calling convention as for returning a value of the
      same type as that component.  This means that the return convention
      for IO now doesn't vary depending on the platform, which make some
      parts of the RTS simpler, and fixes a problem I was having with making
      the FFI work in unregisterised GHCi (the byte-code compiler makes
      some assumptions about calling conventions to keep things simple).
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      Complete the changes for #1205 · ca26fe60
      Simon Marlow authored
      Now ":load M" always searches for a module called "M", rather than
      using a file called "M.hs" if that exists.  To get the file semantics
      (i.e. not loading "M.o"), use ":load M.hs".
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