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Document and refactor `mkUnit` and `mkUnitInfoMap`

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......@@ -153,11 +153,19 @@ pprUnitInfo GenericUnitInfo {..} =
field name body = text name <> colon <+> nest 4 body
-- | Make a `Unit` from a `UnitInfo`
-- If the unit is definite, make a `RealUnit` from `unitId` field.
-- If the unit is indefinite, make a `VirtUnit` from `unitInstanceOf` and
-- `unitInstantiations` fields. Note that in this case we don't keep track of
-- `unitId`. It can be retrieved later with "improvement", i.e. matching on
-- `unitInstanceOf/unitInstantiations` fields (see Note [About units] in
-- GHC.Unit).
mkUnit :: UnitInfo -> Unit
mkUnit p =
if unitIsIndefinite p
then mkVirtUnit (unitInstanceOf p) (unitInstantiations p)
else RealUnit (Definite (unitId p))
mkUnit p
| unitIsIndefinite p = mkVirtUnit (unitInstanceOf p) (unitInstantiations p)
| otherwise = RealUnit (Definite (unitId p))
-- | Create a UnitPprInfo from a UnitInfo
mkUnitPprInfo :: GenUnitInfo u -> UnitPprInfo
......@@ -442,17 +442,25 @@ searchPackageId :: PackageState -> PackageId -> [UnitInfo]
searchPackageId pkgstate pid = filter ((pid ==) . unitPackageId)
(listUnitInfoMap pkgstate)
-- | Extends the package configuration map with a list of package configs.
:: UnitInfoMap -> [UnitInfo] -> UnitInfoMap
extendUnitInfoMap (UnitInfoMap pkg_map closure) new_pkgs
= UnitInfoMap (foldl' add pkg_map new_pkgs) closure
-- We also add the expanded version of the mkUnit, so that
-- 'improveUnit' can find it.
-- | Create a Map UnitId UnitInfo
-- For each instantiated unit, we add two map keys:
-- * the real unit id
-- * the virtual unit id made from its instantiation
-- We do the same thing for fully indefinite units (which are "instantiated"
-- with module holes).
mkUnitInfoMap :: [UnitInfo] -> UnitInfoMap
mkUnitInfoMap infos
= UnitInfoMap (foldl' add emptyUDFM infos) emptyUniqSet
mkVirt p = mkVirtUnit (unitInstanceOf p) (unitInstantiations p)
add pkg_map p = addToUDFM (addToUDFM pkg_map (mkVirt p) p)
(unitId p) p
add pkg_map p
| not (null (unitInstantiations p))
= addToUDFM (addToUDFM pkg_map (mkVirt p) p) (unitId p) p
| otherwise
= addToUDFM pkg_map (unitId p) p
-- | Get a list of entries from the package database. NB: be careful with
-- this function, although all packages in this map are "visible", this
......@@ -1410,7 +1418,7 @@ mkPackageState dflags dbs preload0 = do
-- or not packages are visible or not)
pkgs1 <- foldM (applyTrustFlag dflags prec_map unusable)
(Map.elems pkg_map2) (reverse (trustFlags dflags))
let prelim_pkg_db = extendUnitInfoMap emptyUnitInfoMap pkgs1
let prelim_pkg_db = mkUnitInfoMap pkgs1
-- Calculate the initial set of units from package databases, prior to any package flags.
......@@ -1476,7 +1484,7 @@ mkPackageState dflags dbs preload0 = do
-- package arguments we need to key against the old versions.
(pkgs2, wired_map) <- findWiredInPackages dflags prec_map pkgs1 vis_map2
let pkg_db = extendUnitInfoMap emptyUnitInfoMap pkgs2
let pkg_db = mkUnitInfoMap pkgs2
-- Update the visibility map, so we treat wired packages as visible.
let vis_map = updateVisibilityMap wired_map vis_map2
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