Commit 7a02599a authored by Sylvain Henry's avatar Sylvain Henry Committed by Marge Bot
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Remove unused code

parent 2517a51c
......@@ -401,16 +401,6 @@ lookupUnit' True m@(UnitInfoMap pkg_map _) uid = case uid of
VirtUnit i -> fmap (renamePackage m (instUnitInsts i))
(lookupUDFM pkg_map (instUnitInstanceOf i))
-- | Find the indefinite package for a given 'IndefUnitId'.
-- The way this works is just by fiat'ing that every indefinite package's
-- unit key is precisely its component ID; and that they share uniques.
lookupIndefUnitId :: PackageState -> IndefUnitId -> Maybe UnitInfo
lookupIndefUnitId pkgstate (IndefUnitId cid_fs) = lookupUDFM pkg_map cid_fs
UnitInfoMap pkg_map = unitInfoMap pkgstate
-- | Find the package we know about with the given package name (e.g. @foo@), if any
-- (NB: there might be a locally defined unit name which overrides this)
lookupPackageName :: PackageState -> PackageName -> Maybe IndefUnitId
......@@ -1021,19 +1011,6 @@ findWiredInPackages dflags prec_map pkgs vis_map = do
wired_in_pkgs = catMaybes mb_wired_in_pkgs
pkgstate = pkgState dflags
-- this is old: we used to assume that if there were
-- multiple versions of wired-in packages installed that
-- they were mutually exclusive. Now we're assuming that
-- you have one "main" version of each wired-in package
-- (the latest version), and the others are backward-compat
-- wrappers that depend on this one. e.g. base-4.0 is the
-- latest, base-3.0 is a compat wrapper depending on base-4.0.
deleteOtherWiredInPackages pkgs = filterOut bad pkgs
where bad p = any (p `matches`) wired_in_unitids
&& package p `notElem` map fst wired_in_ids
wiredInMap :: Map WiredUnitId WiredUnitId
wiredInMap = Map.fromList
[ (key, Definite (stringToUnitId wiredInUnitId))
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