Commit 8408d521 authored by Sylvain Henry's avatar Sylvain Henry Committed by Marge Bot
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DynFlags: merge_databases

parent a444d01b
......@@ -1273,15 +1273,15 @@ type UnitPrecedenceMap = Map UnitId Int
-- packages with the same unit id in later databases override
-- earlier ones. This does NOT check if the resulting database
-- makes sense (that's done by 'validateDatabase').
mergeDatabases :: DynFlags -> [UnitDatabase UnitId]
mergeDatabases :: (SDoc -> IO ()) -> [UnitDatabase UnitId]
-> IO (UnitInfoMap, UnitPrecedenceMap)
mergeDatabases dflags = foldM merge (Map.empty, Map.empty) . zip [1..]
mergeDatabases printer = foldM merge (Map.empty, Map.empty) . zip [1..]
merge (pkg_map, prec_map) (i, UnitDatabase db_path db) = do
debugTraceMsg dflags 2 $
printer $
text "loading package database" <+> text db_path
forM_ (Set.toList override_set) $ \pkg ->
debugTraceMsg dflags 2 $
printer $
text "package" <+> ppr pkg <+>
text "overrides a previously defined package"
return (pkg_map', prec_map')
......@@ -1423,22 +1423,24 @@ mkUnitState dflags dbs = do
we build a mapping saying what every in scope module name points to.
let printer = debugTraceMsg dflags 2
-- This, and the other reverse's that you will see, are due to the fact that
-- packageFlags, pluginPackageFlags, etc. are all specified in *reverse* order
-- than they are on the command line.
let other_flags = reverse (packageFlags dflags)
debugTraceMsg dflags 2 $
printer $
text "package flags" <+> ppr other_flags
-- Merge databases together, without checking validity
(pkg_map1, prec_map) <- mergeDatabases dflags dbs
(pkg_map1, prec_map) <- mergeDatabases printer dbs
-- Now that we've merged everything together, prune out unusable
-- packages.
let (pkg_map2, unusable, sccs) = validateDatabase dflags pkg_map1
reportCycles (debugTraceMsg dflags 2) sccs
reportUnusable (debugTraceMsg dflags 2) unusable
reportCycles printer sccs
reportUnusable printer unusable
-- Apply trust flags (these flags apply regardless of whether
-- or not packages are visible or not)
......@@ -1509,7 +1511,7 @@ mkUnitState dflags dbs = do
-- it modifies the unit ids of wired in packages, but when we process
-- package arguments we need to key against the old versions.
(pkgs2, wired_map) <- findWiredInUnits (debugTraceMsg dflags 2) prec_map pkgs1 vis_map2
(pkgs2, wired_map) <- findWiredInUnits printer prec_map pkgs1 vis_map2
let pkg_db = mkUnitInfoMap pkgs2
-- Update the visibility map, so we treat wired packages as visible.
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