Commit 8bba1c26 authored by Ben Gamari's avatar Ben Gamari 🐢
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gitlab-ci: Always push perf notes

Previously we would run with `set -e` implying that we wouldn't
push perf notes if the testsuite were to fail, even if it *only* failed
due to perf notes. This rendered the whole performance testing story
quite fragile as a single regressing commit would cause every successive
commit to fail since a new baseline would not be uploaded.

Fix this by ensuring that we always push performance notes.
parent 220c2d34
......@@ -441,9 +441,18 @@ case $1 in
setup) setup && cleanup_submodules ;;
configure) configure ;;
build_make) build_make ;;
test_make) fetch_perf_notes; test_make; push_perf_notes ;;
test_make || push_perf_notes
push_perf_notes ;;
build_hadrian) build_hadrian ;;
test_hadrian) fetch_perf_notes; test_hadrian; push_perf_notes ;;
# N.B. Always push notes, even if the build fails. This is okay to do as the
# testsuite driver doesn't record notes for tests that fail due to
# correctness.
test_hadrian || push_perf_notes
push_perf_notes ;;
run_hadrian) run_hadrian $@ ;;
clean) clean ;;
shell) shell $@ ;;
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