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......@@ -2002,8 +2002,9 @@ listVisibleModuleNames dflags =
map fst (filter visible (Map.toList (moduleNameProvidersMap (unitState dflags))))
where visible (_, ms) = any originVisible (Map.elems ms)
-- | Find all the 'UnitInfo' in both the preload packages from 'DynFlags' and corresponding to the list of
-- 'UnitInfo's
-- | Lookup 'UnitInfo' for every preload unit, for every unit used to
-- instantiate the current unit, and for every unit explicitly passed in the
-- given list of UnitId.
getPreloadUnitsAnd :: DynFlags -> [UnitId] -> IO [UnitInfo]
getPreloadUnitsAnd dflags pkgids0 =
......@@ -2018,9 +2019,9 @@ getPreloadUnitsAnd dflags pkgids0 =
state = unitState dflags
pkg_map = unitInfoMap state
preload = preloadUnits state
pairs = zip pkgids (repeat Nothing)
parents = zip pkgids (repeat Nothing)
in do
all_pkgs <- throwErr dflags (foldM (add_package dflags pkg_map) preload pairs)
all_pkgs <- throwErr dflags (foldM (add_package dflags pkg_map) preload parents)
return (map (unsafeLookupUnitId state) all_pkgs)
-- Takes a list of packages, and returns the list with dependencies included,
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