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Update the changelog for haskeline-

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* Added a `MonadFail` instance for `InputT`.
Changed in version
* Breaking changes:
* Add a `MonadFail` instance for `InputT`.
* Switch the LICENSE file from BSD2 to BSD3, to be consistent
with the .cabal file.
* Backwards-compatible changes
* Improve the documentation around when input functions return
* Allow binding keys to incremental search, as
`ReverseSearchHistory` and `ForwardSearchHistory`.
* Handling `STX`-wrapped control sequences on any lines of the
prompt, not just the last one.
* Add `debugTerminalKeys` to help debug input problems
* Add `waitForAnyKey` to wait for a single key press.
* Define test targest in the .cabal file
* Bump the upper bound to base-4.15.
Changed in version
* Add the new function `fallbackCompletion` to combine
multiple `CompletionFunc`s
* Fix warnings
* Bump the lower bound to ghc-8.0
* Add `debugTerminalKeys` to help debug input problems
Changed in version
* Bump upper bounds on base, containers, stm and unix
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