Commit 5caae973 authored by Ryan Scott's avatar Ryan Scott
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Adjust expected failures

The GHC issue that caused `JuicyPixels` to fail (ghc/ghc#17590) has
been fixed, so `JuicyPixels` can be removed from the list of expected

The original issue that caused `free-algebras` to fail
(ghc/ghc#17710) has been fixed, but a new issue has taken its place
(ghc/ghc#16502 (comment 259055)). I've
changed the expected failure reason accordingly.

`singletons` now fails on HEAD due to ghc/ghc#17923, so this patch
also adds it as an expected failure.
parent 5dd85a5b
......@@ -65,8 +65,8 @@ case $version in
# package ticket
broken "JuicyPixels" 17590
broken "free-algebras" 17710
broken "free-algebras" 16502
broken "singletons" 17923
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