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......@@ -150,6 +150,30 @@ If you add a benchmark try to set the problem sizes for
fast/normal/slow reasonably. [Modes](#modes) lists the recommended brackets for
each mode.
### Categories
When you add a benchmark, you'll have to make a conscious decision in which to
(historical) category to put it. Here's a description for each, taken from the
original [Nofib paper](
#### Single-threaded
This is the default mode you want to add to most of the time.
- `imaginary`: A toy benchmark. Solvers for puzzles like n queens.
- `spectral`: Algorithmic kernels. If you have a library out of which you have
extracted a core algorithm, put it here.
- `real`: Actual applications from the "real world". Because most applicationsof today depend on quite many packages, everything in here is rather dated.
- `shootout`: The (toy) benchmarks from the [benchmarks game](, formerly known as the language shootout.
#### Other modes
In addition to the above single-threaded mode, you can also add your benchmarks to one of the
I (SG) haven't really run these, yet, but
- `gc`: Measures the GC.
### Stability wrt. GC paramerisations
Additionally, pay attention that your benchmarks are stable wrt. different
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