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doc: Reformulate the opening paragraph of Ch. 4 in User's guide

Removes mentioning of Hugs
(it is not helpful for new users anymore).

Changes the wording for the rest of the paragraph.

Fixes #18132.
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......@@ -7,23 +7,25 @@ Using GHCi
single: GHCi
single: interpreter
single: interactive
single: Hugs
single: Foreign Function Interface; GHCi support
single: FFI; GHCi support
GHCi [1]_ is GHC's interactive environment, in which Haskell expressions
can be interactively evaluated and programs can be interpreted. If
you're familiar with `Hugs <>`__, then
you'll be right at home with GHCi. However, GHCi also has support for
interactively loading compiled code, as well as supporting all [2]_ the
language extensions that GHC provides. GHCi also includes an interactive
GHCi [1]_ is GHC's interactive environment that includes an interactive
debugger (see :ref:`ghci-debugger`).
GHCi can
- interactively evaluate Haskell expressions
- interpret Haskell programs
- load GHC-compiled modules.
At the moment GHCi supports most of GHC's language extensions.
.. [1]
The "i" stands for “Interactive”
.. [2]
except ``foreign export``, at the moment
.. _ghci-introduction:
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