Commit a951e1ba authored by Takenobu Tani's avatar Takenobu Tani Committed by Marge Bot

GHCi: Add link to the user's guide in help message

This commit adds a link to the user's guide in ghci's
`:help` message.

Newcomers could easily reach to details of ghci.
parent 1a93ea57
......@@ -403,6 +403,10 @@ defFullHelpText =
" :show <setting> show value of <setting>, which is one of\n" ++
" [args, prog, editor, stop]\n" ++
" :showi language show language flags for interactive evaluation\n" ++
"\n" ++
" The User's Guide has more information. An online copy can be found here:\n" ++
"\n" ++
"\n" ++
findEditor :: IO String
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