Commit aa318338 authored by Ryan Scott's avatar Ryan Scott Committed by Marge Bot

Bump exceptions submodule so that dist-boot is .gitignore'd

`exceptions` is a stage-0 boot library as of commit
30272412, which means that building
`exceptions` in a GHC tree will generate a `dist-boot` directory.
However, this directory was not specified in `exceptions`'
`.gitignore` file, which causes it to dirty up the current `git`
working directory.

Accordingly, this bumps the `exceptions` submodule to commit
which adds `dist-boot` to the `.gitignore` file.
parent 9d97f4b5
Subproject commit fe4166f8d23d8288ef2cbbf9e36118b6b99e0d7d
Subproject commit 23c0b8a50d7592af37ca09beeec16b93080df98f
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