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    Tidy up cross-compiling · 109a1e53
    Simon Marlow authored
    We have two cases:
     1. building a cross-compiler
     2. compiling GHC to run on a foreign platform
    These two are done with almost the same setup: (1) is the stage 1
    compiler, and (2) is the stage 2 compiler, when CrossCompiling=YES.
    The only difference between (1) and (2) is that you if you set up the
    build for (1), then it stops before stage 2 and you can 'make install'
    to install stage 1.
    Unfortunately, (2) didn't work, and the build system code needed some
    tidying up.
    Change to the way the build is set up:
    To build a cross-compiler:
      ./configure --target=<..>
    To compile a foreign GHC:
      ./configure --host=<..> --target=<..>
    To build a cross-compiler:
      ./configure --target=<..>
      And set "Stage1Only=YES" in mk/build.mk
    To compile a foreign GHC:
      ./configure --target=<..>
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