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    Revert "Make the linker API thread-safe" · 4b51194d
    Simon Peyton Jones authored
    This reverts commit b5e8b3b1.
    I reverted it because one of these two patches
      9e6e4796 Add purgeObj()
      b5e8b3b1 Make the linker API thread-safe
    causes a seg-fault on Windows.  The seg-fault happens immediately
    the linker is invoked, in ghci or in Template Haskell.
    I believe that it is the "linker API thread-safe" commit that causes
    the seg-fault; it happens even if the "purgeObj" commit alone is
    reverted.  But since the two patches mess with the same code, to
    revert the "linker API" patch I had revert both.
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