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    [project @ 2000-11-02 14:27:01 by simonmar] · 803963ad
    simonmar authored
    Cleaning up the configuration/build process.
      - New build.mk option: GhcWithInterpreter. It has reasonable
        defaults, and shouldn't need to be overriden (you get the interpreter
        if you're bootstrapping with ghc 4.09+ on an ELF architecture, at
        the moment).
      - compilation manager now lives in compiler/compMan.  compiler/ghci
        contains only interpreter-related files.
      - WithGhcHc has gone, it now defaults to $(GHC).  This is so that
        we can reliably determine the version of $(GHC) using the stuff that
        configure tells us.  configure gets a new --with-ghc option so you
        can specify which ghc to use.
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