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    divide packages into "core" and "extra" packages · cc4e58b6
    Simon Marlow authored
    The following packages are now "core" packages:
      base, Cabal, haskell98, readline, regex-base, regex-compat
      regex-posix, stm, template-haskell, unix, Win32
    Core packages are those packages required to bootstrap GHC, or are
    closely tied to GHC (stm, template-haskell).  These are the packages
    that will be provided in a source distribution from now on.
    All other packages are classified as "extra" packages.  As far as
    binary distributions and nightly builds go, nothing will change -
    we'll still build and include all these packages in the distributions.
    NOTE: 'sh darcs-all get' will now get the core packages only.  To get
    the extra packages too, use 'sh darcs-all --extra get'.
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