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[project @ 2002-12-10 15:27:58 by simonpj]

Report TH errors better in stage 1
parent 8a8eee36
......@@ -581,19 +581,32 @@ implicitModuleFVs source_fvs
namesNeededForFlattening `plusFV`
thProxyName :: NameSet
mkTemplateHaskellFVs :: NameSet -> NameSet
-- This is a bit of a hack. When we see the Template-Haskell construct
-- [| expr |]
-- we are going to need lots of the ``smart constructors'' defined in
-- the main Template Haskell data type module. Rather than treat them
-- all as free vars at every occurrence site, we just make the Q type
-- consructor a free var.... and then use that here to haul in the others
mkTemplateHaskellFVs source_fvs
#ifdef GHCI
-- Only if Template Haskell is enabled
--------------- Template Haskell enabled --------------
thProxyName = unitFV qTyConName
mkTemplateHaskellFVs source_fvs
| qTyConName `elemNameSet` source_fvs = templateHaskellNames
| otherwise = emptyFVs
--------------- Template Haskell disabled --------------
thProxyName = emptyFVs
mkTemplateHaskellFVs source_fvs = emptyFVs
-- ubiquitous_names are loaded regardless, because
-- they are needed in virtually every program
......@@ -43,9 +43,6 @@ import PrelNames ( hasKey, assertIdKey,
crossPName, zipPName, toPName,
enumFromToPName, enumFromThenToPName, assertErrorName,
negateName, monadNames, mfixName )
#ifdef GHCI
import DsMeta ( qTyConName )
import Name ( Name, nameOccName )
import NameSet
import UnicodeUtil ( stringToUtf8 )
......@@ -227,30 +224,26 @@ rnExpr (HsPar e)
returnM (HsPar e', fvs_e)
-- Template Haskell extensions
#ifdef GHCI
rnExpr (HsBracket br_body loc)
= addSrcLoc loc $
checkGHCI (thErr "bracket") `thenM_`
rnBracket br_body `thenM` \ (body', fvs_e) ->
returnM (HsBracket body' loc, fvs_e `addOneFV` qTyConName)
-- We use the Q tycon as a proxy to haul in all the smart
-- constructors; see the hack in RnIfaces
rnExpr (HsSplice n e loc)
= addSrcLoc loc $
checkGHCI (thErr "splice") `thenM_`
newLocalsRn [(n,loc)] `thenM` \ [n'] ->
rnExpr e `thenM` \ (e', fvs_e) ->
returnM (HsSplice n' e' loc, fvs_e `addOneFV` qTyConName)
-- The qTyCon brutally pulls in all the meta stuff
rnExpr (HsReify (Reify flavour name))
= checkGHCI (thErr "reify") `thenM_`
lookupGlobalOccRn name `thenM` \ name' ->
-- Don't ifdef-GHCI them because we want to fail gracefully
-- (not with an rnExpr crash) in a stage-1 compiler.
rnExpr e@(HsBracket br_body loc)
= addSrcLoc loc $
checkTH e "bracket" `thenM_`
rnBracket br_body `thenM` \ (body', fvs_e) ->
returnM (HsBracket body' loc, fvs_e `plusFV` thProxyName)
rnExpr e@(HsSplice n splice loc)
= addSrcLoc loc $
checkTH e "splice" `thenM_`
newLocalsRn [(n,loc)] `thenM` \ [n'] ->
rnExpr splice `thenM` \ (splice', fvs_e) ->
returnM (HsSplice n' splice' loc, fvs_e `plusFV` thProxyName)
rnExpr e@(HsReify (Reify flavour name))
= checkTH e "reify" `thenM_`
lookupGlobalOccRn name `thenM` \ name' ->
-- For now, we can only reify top-level things
returnM (HsReify (Reify flavour name'), mkFVs [name', qTyConName])
-- The qTyCon brutally pulls in all the meta stuff
returnM (HsReify (Reify flavour name'), unitFV name' `plusFV` thProxyName)
rnExpr section@(SectionL expr op)
= rnExpr expr `thenM` \ (expr', fvs_expr) ->
......@@ -917,9 +910,14 @@ doStmtListErr do_or_lc e
MDoExpr -> "mdo"
other -> "do"
thErr what
= ptext SLIT("Template Haskell") <+> text what <+>
ptext SLIT("illegal in a stage-1 compiler")
#ifdef GHCI
checkTH e what = returnRn () -- OK
checkTH e what -- Raise an error in a stage-1 compiler
= addErr (vcat [ptext SLIT("Template Haskell") <+> text what <+>
ptext SLIT("illegal in a stage-1 compiler"),
nest 2 (ppr e)])
badIpBinds binds
= hang (ptext SLIT("Implicit-parameter bindings illegal in a parallel list comprehension:")) 4
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