Commit 0d41f5f3 authored by simonmar's avatar simonmar
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[project @ 2001-08-21 09:25:48 by simonmar]

Accept The Truth and disallow loading any home modules which don't
have a source file.

The reason is that the compilation manager can't figure out
dependencies unless it has the source file to browse through -
previously there was a half-hearted attempt to let you get away with
just an object + interface file, but it didn't work in general.
Better just to disallow it altogether.

Note that this applies to --make too.
parent 34e4ac65
......@@ -1093,14 +1093,7 @@ summarise mod location old_summary
= do let hs_fn = unJust "summarise" (ml_hs_file location)
case ml_hs_file location of {
Nothing -> do {
dflags <- getDynFlags;
when (verbosity dflags >= 1) $
hPutStrLn stderr ("WARNING: module `" ++
moduleUserString mod ++ "' has no source file.");
return Nothing;
Nothing -> noHsFileErr mod;
Just src_fn -> do
src_timestamp <- getModificationTime src_fn
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