Commit 0d5334a8 authored by Ian Lynagh's avatar Ian Lynagh
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Put the infrastructure in place for getting the libraries -Wall clean

libraries/Makefile.local now lists those for which we need to pass -w
(currently this is every library).
parent 35a45c7c
......@@ -15,8 +15,21 @@ GHC := $(SAVE_GHC)
AR := $(SAVE_AR)
LD := $(SAVE_LD)
# We want all warnings on
GhcLibHcOpts += -Wall
# Cabal has problems with deprecated flag warnings, as it needs to pass
# deprecated flags in pragmas in order to support older GHCs. Thus for
# now at least we just disable them completely.
GhcLibHcOpts += -fno-warn-deprecated-flags
ifeq "$(filter-out array-% base-% bytestring-% Cabal-% containers-% directory-% editline-% filepath-% ghc-prim-% haskell98-% hpc-% integer-gmp-% old-locale-% old-time-% packedstring-% pretty-% process-% random-% template-haskell-% unix-% Win32-%,$(package))" ""
# XXX We are one of the above list, i.e. we are a package that is not
# yet warning-clean. Thus turn warnings off for now so that validate
# goes through.
GhcLibHcOpts += -w
# Now add flags from the GHC build system to the Cabal build:
GHC_CC_OPTS += $(addprefix -optc, $(MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_CC_OPTS))
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