Commit 105da419 authored by Ian Lynagh's avatar Ian Lynagh

Fix a space leak

parent 7cc35327
......@@ -868,11 +868,9 @@ checkShadowedNames doc_str (global_env,local_env) loc_rdr_names
-- A useful utility
mapFvRn :: (a -> RnM (b, FreeVars)) -> [a] -> RnM ([b], FreeVars)
mapFvRn f xs = mappM f xs `thenM` \ stuff ->
(ys, fvs_s) = unzip stuff
returnM (ys, plusFVs fvs_s)
mapFvRn f xs = do stuff <- mappM f xs
case unzip stuff of
(ys, fvs_s) -> returnM (ys, plusFVs fvs_s)
-- because some of the rename functions are CPSed:
-- maps the function across the list from left to right;
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