Commit 122f682d authored by sewardj's avatar sewardj
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[project @ 2001-06-05 10:53:36 by sewardj]

Calculate the correct set of modules to link in the case of upsweep
partial failure.

parent 497e5afb
......@@ -491,13 +491,14 @@ cmLoadModule cmstate1 rootname
let mods_to_zap_names
= findPartiallyCompletedCycles modsDone_names
let (hst4, hit4, ui4)
= removeFromTopLevelEnvs mods_to_zap_names (hst3,hit3,ui3)
let mods_to_keep
= filter ((`notElem` mods_to_zap_names).name_of_summary)
let (hst4, hit4, ui4)
= retainInTopLevelEnvs (map name_of_summary mods_to_keep)
-- clean up after ourselves
cleanTempFilesExcept verb (ppFilesFromSummaries mods_to_keep)
......@@ -821,10 +822,10 @@ upsweep_mod ghci_mode dflags oldUI threaded1 summary1 reachable_inc_me
-- in interactive mode, all home modules below us *must* have an
-- interface in the HIT. We never demand-load home interfaces in
-- interactive mode.
(hst1_strictDC, hit1_strictDC)
(hst1_strictDC, hit1_strictDC, [])
= ASSERT(ghci_mode == Batch ||
all (`elemUFM` hit1) reachable_only)
retainInTopLevelEnvs reachable_only (hst1,hit1)
retainInTopLevelEnvs reachable_only (hst1,hit1,[])
= unJust "upsweep_mod:old_linkable" maybe_old_linkable
......@@ -856,22 +857,14 @@ upsweep_mod ghci_mode dflags oldUI threaded1 summary1 reachable_inc_me
-> do let threaded2 = CmThreaded pcs2 hst1 hit1
return (threaded2, Nothing)
-- Remove unwanted modules from the top level envs (HST, HIT, UI).
removeFromTopLevelEnvs :: [ModuleName]
-> (HomeSymbolTable, HomeIfaceTable, UnlinkedImage)
-> (HomeSymbolTable, HomeIfaceTable, UnlinkedImage)
removeFromTopLevelEnvs zap_these (hst, hit, ui)
= (delListFromUFM hst zap_these,
delListFromUFM hit zap_these,
filterModuleLinkables (`notElem` zap_these) ui
-- Filter modules in the top level envs (HST, HIT, UI).
retainInTopLevelEnvs :: [ModuleName]
-> (HomeSymbolTable, HomeIfaceTable)
-> (HomeSymbolTable, HomeIfaceTable)
retainInTopLevelEnvs keep_these (hst, hit)
-> (HomeSymbolTable, HomeIfaceTable, UnlinkedImage)
-> (HomeSymbolTable, HomeIfaceTable, UnlinkedImage)
retainInTopLevelEnvs keep_these (hst, hit, ui)
= (retainInUFM hst keep_these,
retainInUFM hit keep_these
retainInUFM hit keep_these,
filterModuleLinkables (`elem` keep_these) ui
retainInUFM :: Uniquable key => UniqFM elt -> [key] -> UniqFM elt
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