Commit 1382d09e authored by Ryan Scott's avatar Ryan Scott Committed by Marge Bot

Remove unused XArrApp and XArrForm extension points

!301 removed the `HsArrApp` and `HsArrForm` constructors, which
renders the corresponding extension points `XArrApp` and `XArrForm`
useless. This patch finally rips them out.
parent 07d44ed1
......@@ -758,11 +758,6 @@ type instance XStatic GhcPs = NoExt
type instance XStatic GhcRn = NameSet
type instance XStatic GhcTc = NameSet
type instance XArrApp GhcPs = NoExt
type instance XArrApp GhcRn = NoExt
type instance XArrApp GhcTc = Type
type instance XArrForm (GhcPass _) = NoExt
type instance XTick (GhcPass _) = NoExt
type instance XBinTick (GhcPass _) = NoExt
type instance XTickPragma (GhcPass _) = NoExt
......@@ -536,8 +536,6 @@ type family XTcBracketOut x
type family XSpliceE x
type family XProc x
type family XStatic x
type family XArrApp x
type family XArrForm x
type family XTick x
type family XBinTick x
type family XTickPragma x
......@@ -586,8 +584,6 @@ type ForallXExpr (c :: * -> Constraint) (x :: *) =
, c (XSpliceE x)
, c (XProc x)
, c (XStatic x)
, c (XArrApp x)
, c (XArrForm x)
, c (XTick x)
, c (XBinTick x)
, c (XTickPragma x)
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