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[project @ 2001-05-27 23:53:47 by sof]

New configure script option, --enable-minimal-unix-deps, a Win32-specific
option which lets you build a compiler that doesn't depend on cygwin tools
to run. Well, you still need tools such as gcc and perl in the backend, but
these don't have to be cygwin ports.
parent 4e8b2b5b
......@@ -207,7 +207,6 @@ i[[3456]]86-*-mingw32*)
# the gcc command-line used here with -mno-cygwin -mwin32
# to arrange for good things to happen.
CFLAGS="-mno-cygwin -mwin32 $CFLAGS"
CPPFLAGS="-mno-cygwin -mwin32 $CPPFLAGS"
......@@ -434,6 +433,20 @@ if test x"$EnableWin32DLLs" = "xYES" ; then
dnl ** Building a Win32-friendlier compiler?
dnl --------------------------------------------------------------
[ --enable-minimal-unix-deps
Build a compiler that minimizes dependencies on Unix-like tools
under Win32, allowing the user to operate the compiler without
having to install Cygwin toolchain (say). (You still need
that toolchain to build GHC from sources though).
dnl ** Enable the building of the OpenGL/GLUT binding in hslibs?
dnl --------------------------------------------------------------
......@@ -479,12 +492,14 @@ AC_SYS_INTERPRETER()
dnl ** look for `perl', but only in /bin on Windows
case $HostOS_CPP in
if test x"$MinimalUnixDeps" = "xNO"; then
if test -z "$PerlCmd"; then
echo "You must install the version of Perl shipped with GHC"
echo "(or a compatible one) in /bin."
exit 1
......@@ -233,6 +233,22 @@ GhcLibHcOpts=-O -Rghc-timing
# Win32 only: Enable the RTS and libraries to be built as DLLs
# Win32 only: are we building a compiler that tries to reduce external
# dependencies? i.e., one that doesn't assume that the user has got
# the cygwin toolchain installed on his/her Win32 box.
# GHC is still dependent on GNU tools in the backend (gcc to further process
# .c/.hc/.s/.o files + 'perl' to mangle and split), but using this
# option a GHC distribution can be put together which includes a minimal
# set of these open source tools).
# One reason why this is a good thing is that it saves the user installing
# something like cygwin first. Another positive effect of a GHC install now
# being self-contained is that it will continue to work even if the user
# installs a different C compiler (this has caused version problems in the
# past).
# Don't split object files for libs if we're building DLLs, or booting from
# .hc files.
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