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use -e rather than -d when checking for the existence of a subrepo

The .git file in a submodule's root directory is not necessarily a
directory, as is the case for the 'time' submodule.

This fixes #7577, where some './sync-all' operations don't detect
that the 'time' submodule is present in the repository.
parent 1095d515
......@@ -335,7 +335,7 @@ sub scmall {
my $darcs_repo_present = 1 if -d "$localpath/_darcs";
my $git_repo_present = 1 if -d "$localpath/.git" || ($bare_flag && -d "$localpath");
my $git_repo_present = 1 if -e "$localpath/.git" || ($bare_flag && -d "$localpath");
if ($darcs_repo_present) {
if ($git_repo_present) {
die "Found both _darcs and .git in $localpath";
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