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[project @ 2003-05-06 10:36:17 by simonmar]

Update: we now follow Haskell 98 w.r.t. exports from module Main.
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......@@ -76,41 +76,18 @@
<title>Expressions and patterns</title>
<para>None known.</para>
<sect3 id="infelicities-decls">
<title>Declarations and bindings</title>
<para>None known.</para>
<sect3 id="infelicities-Modules">
<title>Module system and interface files</title>
<term><literal>Main</literal> module</term>
<para>GHC interprets the module header
<programlisting>module Main where</programlisting>
as if it was
<programlisting>module Main (main) where</programlisting>
<para>This change allows GHC to optimise slightly more
aggresively inside the <literal>Main</literal>
<para>You are highly unlikely to notice the difference, since
importing <literal>Main</literal> is very rare (it would
introduce a recursive module dependency, so doing it by
accident is unlikely too).</para>
<para>None known.</para>
<sect3 id="infelicities-numbers">
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