Commit 1e64fc81 authored by Simon Peyton Jones's avatar Simon Peyton Jones
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Tiny refactor: use mkTyVarNamePairs

parent 23b5b804
......@@ -403,7 +403,7 @@ tcExtendKindEnv extra_env thing_inside
-- Scoped type and kind variables
tcExtendTyVarEnv :: [TyVar] -> TcM r -> TcM r
tcExtendTyVarEnv tvs thing_inside
= tcExtendTyVarEnv2 [(tyVarName tv, tv) | tv <- tvs] thing_inside
= tcExtendTyVarEnv2 (mkTyVarNamePairs tvs) thing_inside
tcExtendTyVarEnv2 :: [(Name,TcTyVar)] -> TcM r -> TcM r
tcExtendTyVarEnv2 binds thing_inside
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