Commit 22ac4f69 authored by panne's avatar panne
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[project @ 2002-12-27 21:55:30 by panne]

Imports cleanup
parent d22a123f
......@@ -42,21 +42,9 @@ module PrelNames (
module PrelNames, -- A huge bunch of (a) Names, e.g. intTyConName
-- (b) Uniques e.g. intTyConKey
-- (c) Groups of classes and types
-- (d) miscellaneous things
-- So many that we export them all
mkTupNameStr, isBuiltInSyntaxName,
-- Goups of classes and types
needsDataDeclCtxtClassKeys, cCallishClassKeys, noDictClassKeys,
fractionalClassKeys, numericClassKeys, standardClassKeys,
derivableClassKeys, -- things are needed as a result of a
-- deriving(C) clause
numericTyKeys, cCallishTyKeys,
mkUnboundName, isUnboundName
) where
#include "HsVersions.h"
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