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Check for Int constants that are too large in mkDerivedConstants

parent 9b0c4ed7
......@@ -294,6 +294,20 @@ enum Mode { Gen_Haskell_Type, Gen_Haskell_Value, Gen_Haskell_Wrappers, Gen_Haske
#define FUN_OFFSET(sym) (OFFSET(Capability,f.sym) - OFFSET(Capability,r))
void constantInt(char *name, intptr_t val) {
/* If the value is larger than 2^28 or smaller than -2^28, then fail.
This test is a bit conservative, but if any constants are roughly
maxBoun or minBound then we probably need them to be Integer
rather than Int so that cross-compiling between 32bit and 64bit
platforms works. */
if (val > 268435456) {
printf("Value too large for constantInt: %" PRIdPTR "\n", val);
if (val < -268435456) {
printf("Value too small for constantInt: %" PRIdPTR "\n", val);
switch (mode) {
case Gen_Haskell_Type:
printf(" , pc_%s :: Int\n", name);
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