Commit 2bb2cee7 authored by simonmar's avatar simonmar
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[project @ 2001-06-05 16:45:57 by simonmar]

Clean up the SRCS story.  This still won't fix the problem with
GhcLibsWithReadline=NO, but it's headed in the right direction.
parent c770cc2f
......@@ -85,8 +85,19 @@ INSTALL_DIR = $(FPTOOLS_TOP)/glafp-utils/mkdirhier/mkdirhier
# OBJS - object files (possibly prefixed).
# PROG - name of final executable
# We attempt to automatically devine the list of sources $(SRCS) to
# compile by looking in the current directory. This is complicated by
# the fact that a .hsc file gives rise to a .hs file (which needs to
# be automatically included in $(SRCS)), but the .hs file might
# already be present in the current directory and we don't want to
# compile it twice.
# So we figure out the sources in three stages: first figure out
# what's in the current directory. Then figure out all the "derived"
# sources (eg. A.hsc generates A.hs and A_hsc.c), and finally put all
# these together and remove duplicates (GNU make's handy sort function
# does the duplicate removing).
# BOOT_SRCS: list of machine generated Haskell modules.
# HS_SRCS: list of Haskell modules you want to compile.
......@@ -97,14 +108,15 @@ INSTALL_DIR = $(FPTOOLS_TOP)/glafp-utils/mkdirhier/mkdirhier
# (caveat: assuming no funny use of -hisuf and that
# file name and module name match)
SRCS = $(sort $(wildcard *.lhs *.hs *.c *.prl *.lprl *.lit *.verb) \
PRE_SRCS = $(wildcard *.lhs *.hs *.c *.prl *.lprl *.lit *.verb *.hsc)
HSC_SRCS = $(wildcard *.hsc)
HSC_SRCS = $(filter %.hsc, $(PRE_SRCS))
HSC_HS_SRCS = $(patsubst %.hsc,%.hs,$(HSC_SRCS))
HSC_C_SRCS = $(patsubst %.hsc,%_hsc.c,$(HSC_SRCS))
HSC_C_OBJS = $(patsubst %.hsc,%_hsc.o,$(HSC_SRCS))
HS_SRCS = $(filter %.lhs %.hs %.hc,$(sort $(SRCS) $(BOOT_SRCS)))
HS_OBJS = $(addsuffix .$(way_)o,$(basename $(HS_SRCS)))
HS_HCS = $(addsuffix .$(way_)hc,$(basename $(HS_SRCS)))
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