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[project @ 2001-11-16 15:33:53 by simonpj]

Correct docs about SPECIALIZE instance; MERGE TO STABLE
parent 744e19be
......@@ -2627,12 +2627,17 @@ i2d (I# i) = D# (int2Double# i) -- uses Glasgow prim-op directly
Same idea, except for instance declarations. For example:
instance (Eq a) => Eq (Foo a) where { ... usual stuff ... }
{-# SPECIALIZE instance Eq (Foo [(Int, Bar)] #-}
instance (Eq a) => Eq (Foo a) where {
{-# SPECIALIZE instance Eq (Foo [(Int, Bar)]) #-}
... usual stuff ...
Compatible with HBC, by the way.
The pragma must occur inside the <literal>where</literal> part
of the instance declaration.
Compatible with HBC, by the way, except perhaps in the placement
of the pragma.
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