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[project @ 2001-08-24 13:22:25 by simonpj]

Make when comparing old and new strictness information,
we were being a bit too generous with the old case.
When a function has (say) arity 2, we can't use strictness
info like SSS, because that only applies if the fn is
applied to 3 args.  So it's an unfair comparison.

This commit makes the old->new conversion function more
truthful in this regard, which should eliminate the
erroneously-claimed "worse" strictness results.
parent 9003eb49
......@@ -134,15 +134,18 @@ To be removed later
mkNewStrictnessInfo :: Id -> Arity -> Demand.StrictnessInfo -> CprInfo -> StrictSig
mkNewStrictnessInfo id arity Demand.NoStrictnessInfo cpr
= mkStrictSig id arity $
mkTopDmdType (replicate arity lazyDmd) (newRes False cpr)
mkNewStrictnessInfo id arity (Demand.StrictnessInfo ds res) cpr
= mkStrictSig id arity $
mkTopDmdType (take arity (map newDemand ds)) (newRes res cpr)
| length ds <= arity
-- Sometimes the old strictness analyser has more
-- demands than the arity justifies
= mkStrictSig id arity $
mkTopDmdType (map newDemand ds) (newRes res cpr)
mkNewStrictnessInfo id arity other cpr
= -- Either no strictness info, or arity is too small
-- In either case we can't say anything useful
mkStrictSig id arity $
mkTopDmdType (replicate arity lazyDmd) (newRes False cpr)
newRes True _ = BotRes
newRes False ReturnsCPR = RetCPR
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